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Hulu is a video streaming platform that is owned by the Walt Disney Company, a multinational mass media and entertainment giant in American. It is one of the major streaming platforms by Disney in the United States (the other two are Disney+ and ESPN+)

Video streaming services require paid subscriptions and a good internet connection. However, with technological advancements, there are tons of devices in the market that lets you stream your favourite shows and movies.

Hulu is an exclusive app that lets you enjoy exploring through its catalogue of several thousand movies, animated video contents, TV shows, trailers, and much more. You can either get it on your Android mobile phones or get it on your smart devices using Hulu activate.

There are several good things but it may encounter issues sometimes. But, the solution steps laid out by the company come in handy, and resolution takes no time. Here, in this read, you’ll be taking a tour through the entire Hulu world, and get to know why it is such a great option.


Five such features separate Hulu from other world-renowned streaming services and prove to be a great thing for you to opt for Hulu activate:

  • Almost instant current TV turnarounds

  • Strong and significant network partnerships

  • Exclusive and competitive pricing strategies

  • Famous original series by Hulu

  • The classics from The Criterion Collection


The Hulu app was launched with a very futuristic vision- people must be able to keep up with the ongoing shows along with past and upcoming video contents, and most importantly, enjoy it from anywhere they want.

This app grants you a whole new world of entertainment where you can watch different video contents (movies, documentaries, TV series), re-watch anything you want to lighten up your mood and explore their upcoming and newly added movies and series.

There is nothing that the members of the United States are aware of but cannot find on Hulu when it comes to video content and entertainment.


Mentioned below are the steps that you have to undergo to complete the Hulu activate process:

  1. First and foremost you need to download the Hulu App.

  2. Once it is installed on your device, launch the app.

  3. Direct yourself to the “Log In” link on the Welcome Page.

  4. Then, go for the “Activate on a computer” key link.

  5. On the next screen, see and note the Hulu activate code.

  6. Now, log in to your account on the Account Page.

  7. Locate the “Watch Hulu on Your Device” page section.

  8. Provide the activation code within the first 30 seconds.


  • Use a computer for the further steps after you select “Activate on a computer”.

  • From the computer, you can directly go to the activation web page by Hulu.

  • The session might expire if the code is not submitted within 30 seconds.


There can be times when you face difficulties with adding a new device or removing an unwanted device on/from your Hulu activate app. Listed below are the steps that might help you overcome these problems:

  1. Close and re-launch the in-use web browser

  2. Ensure clearing the cache from the browser

  3. Give using another supported browser a try

Note: If nothing from the above works, don't hesitate to contact their customer support team.


Once you’ve set up your account on a compatible device with Hulu activate steps, listed below are the things that you’d find on the app:

  • Episodes major network shows from the previous night

  • Entire episode collections from hit shows (both old and new ones)

  • All award-winning original documentaries, original series and movies

  • Movies that can be enjoyed with the whole family (new and classic)

  • Animated shows for both kids and adults (cartoons and movies)

  • Spanish fan-favourite video contents (including the Telenovelas)

  • Anime shows that are subbed, dubbed and simulcasted


One very significant thing you need to know about Hulu is that it replicates a cable TV along with features from all other video streaming platforms.

When you hear cable TV, you know you have to pay for the services. But, Hulu has multiple subscription plans to help you fit in your appropriate budgets, and accordingly, there are different services to match the consumer needs too.

  • Hulu (with ads): With this low rate subscription plan you get an exclusive gateway to the Hulu ad-supported library filled with videos to stream from (hit movies, TV classics, current TV series with their new episodes, and a lot more).

  • Hulu (without ads): They offer reasonable monthly plans for streaming everything on Hulu with a slight improvement- there will be no ads to interrupt your viewing time.

  • Hulu + Live TV: This subscription plan lets you enjoy all your favourite shows just like cable TV on time (movies, TV series, breaking news, and real-time sports) and doesn’t let you be sad as the missed episodes (if any) will be uploaded within a day.

  • Hulu (without ads) + Live TV: You’ll get the same services but without any ad interruptions to stand in between you and your entertainment.

They also offer certain student discounts on ad-supported plans that are extremely cost-effective. All of this is just a key to exploring and experiencing an exclusive entertainment world with Hulu activate the app.


Hulu is a video streaming platform that is owned by the Walt Disney Company and resembles any other cable TV with the features of other streaming platforms. It has a major impact on the people of the United States with several budget-friendly subscription plans for both ad-supported and ad-free video streaming services.

Mentioned above are the major traits of the service, details about the Hulu app, the steps involved in the Hulu activate process, Resolution steps to overcome issues with adding and removing devices, things that you would find after activation, and all the subscription plans.